QEC Queensland Electrical Contractor Smoke Alarm Packages

QEC Annual

After Care Package

Once QEC has replaced or installed the correct alarms on your property, we offer an annual service to those valuable customers for the small annual price of $99* where we will provide the following:
  • Ensure compliance with new Legislative changes passed in August 2016 which will take effect as of 1 January 2017;
  • Unlimited compliance inspections to the property when faults occur and to ensure the smoke alarms remain compliant;
  • Service, clean and test the smoke alarms and change 9-volt batteries were required once a year;
  • Provide a smoke alarm property report for your records; and
  • Replace or install smoke alarms required under legislation for the particular property.
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On Site

QEC Installation Service

QEC offer comprehensive services where we are able visit your property and carry out the following where required:
  • Assess existing smoke alarms on the property;
  • Install and test new alarms where required;
  • Replace or install the correct smoke alarms required for the type of property;
  • Ensure all smoke alarms meet AS3786; and
  • Ensure all smoke alarms on the property are fully compliant with the latest regulations and legislation
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**Note – the type and fitting of smoke alarms will vary dependant on the type of property and each new smoke alarm required to be installed on the property will cost $199 per alarm which is far cheaper than some of our main competitors. All savings we make are passed onto our valued customers. Remember our service fees are often tax deductible!

*Please note the above services and packages are available only in Queensland.