Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery Storage Solutions have been added to our energy storage system at QEC (Queensland Electrical Contractors) recently. Our battery storage solution is best suited for residential solar systems. We only install battery systems that are renowned for being one of the best developers of lithium ion in energy storage systems. We always strive to deliver reliable and affordable energy solutions nationwide. Our solar components are of high quality and are perfectly curated to fit every solar energy needs.

The features of our Battery Storage Solution are listed below:

  • Intelligent control system
  • Real-time and web-enabled
  • 24/7 monitoring system
  • UPS compatible and long shelf life
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • 5-year product warranty
  • Over 8-years performance warranty
How It Works

Our battery storage units are able to function based on the same principle as a solar light. They function by acting as a storage system for electrochemical energy during the day and the saved energy will then be available for use at night time when there is no sunlight to power the solar panels up.

Advantages of Battery Storage Units

Our battery storage unit enables you to conserve the solar energy generated from the solar power system for later consumption. These battery storage units are very useful when the sun is not available most especially during night time, rainy or cloudy days. Other benefits of our battery storage units are:

  • Independence from electricity supplied by the utility grid
  • A self-sustainable solution to power generation
  • Significant reduction expenses in power bills
  • Carbon footprint Reduction

Most people hesitate to install battery storage units with their solar panels due to safety concerns. However, at QEC (Queensland Electrical Contractors) we properly install our battery storage units which makes it 100% safe to use. All our products are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), with the most trusted installation network across the entire country. Apart from a reliable manufacturer warranty of up to 10 years, we also able to offer a long term service warranty and on all our commercial solar solutions.

We provide access to in-built protection for all our customers, as well as flexibility and freedom. We offer easy finance options on all of our products and services and there is no lock-in policy to make it easier for you. With the help of our industry expertise and quality guarantee. Our services are extended throughout the South East Queensland and the Northern NSW of Australia. Should you have any enquiry about our commercial solar solution, feel free to contact us today.